Stop Good foot stores selling premade foot orthotics sold as custom made to the public

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A group of stores called “Good Feet Store”popping up selling off the shelf orthotics devices mass produced out of some plastic/silicon base for hundreds to even thousands to customer. The ones that are sold on cruise ships. 
So, when a patient comes in and says orthotics don’t work, they’ve had them and cost me a fortune and they pull out a off the shelf doesn’t that make you angry.
You assess Biomechanical and cast properly and you are fussed if they have a forefoot valgus or varus or plantarflexed first.
They are not qualified and come in and charge more than we do and claim it cures their condition and no one attacks them or even stops them, because they are not pods.
But if they were pods, we would definitely getting attacked within our professional body.

Would the dentistry association or body accept this if this happens to them. I don’t think so!