Save the Study Right of Sanya Singhal in Aranmore Catholic College in Australia.

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It's a campaign as to Save the Study Right of Sanya Singhal in Aranmore Catholic College in Australia so that the concern authorities can take right action for the continuity of study of Sanya in ACC. It is to restore the Right to Education for a Girl Students whose rights have been forged by a Catholic College only for wearing a small Nose Pin.

It is seen that  Aranmore Catholic College allows ‘Hijab' for Muslims and Christian Girl students are allowed to wear Era pins. But, there is only hell in the Aranmore Catholic College, if any Hindu girl student wears a 'nose pin' as per her religious 'none piercing' custom! Read details here: 

Right to education can’t be forged on any discriminatory ground on the basis of religious practice or personal faith and custom harming nobody. This wrong doing of Aranmore Catholic College must be stopped. Otherwise, it will give an ugly and fundamental message from the Catholic society to the 1 Billion Hindus of the world.

Upananda Brahmachari,

Hindu Interlocutor

& Ed.