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Australian Parliament: Protect Julian Assange from being extradited.

If Julian Assange created Wikileaks to change the world, then we as supporters can change this injustice.

As an American supporter, I believe that if Julian Assange has taught us anything is honesty and transparency to organizations, both corporate and political. This case completely shows the abuse of human rights and the law system and has to be changed. 

All supporters from all over the world, including Australian supporters, we must take immediate action towards this from happening. 


More information on the case : 



Letter to
Member for McPherson, Queensland Karen Andrews
Member for Menzies, Victoria The Hon Kevin Andrews
Minister for Foreign Affairs The Hon Julie Bishop
Dear MP

It's been 4 months since the elections back in September, with a lot of issues on the table, please consider this as I write to you.

It's been 3 years since Julian Assange has been detained in the UK, due to his work with WikiLeaks. Despite what one may think of the journalist, like you and everyone in Australia, he's a citizen of the country.

Whether or not people agree with him on his work as a journalist and publisher, he's entitled for his protection as an Australian citizen aboard like any others facing different situations abroad, such as Schapelle Corby, Andrew Chan and other imprisoned abroad.

I write to you because it's been 3 years, so far no one has responded but the Greens, now that he's at the Ecuadorean Embassy, we need more people to help out to ensure that he gets the help he needs, including medical help and outside access as well as ensuring the Parliament that he will not be extradited to Sweden or to the US.

I conclude this letter to ask that you as a representative of Australia to get involved with this to ensure that Mr. Assange human rights is protected.

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