Make our bushfire fighters Australians of the Year

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I have nominated our bushfire fighters for the Australian of the Year Award. The award is always given to just one person, but why not a whole group? Nobel prizes are often given to groups, sometimes very large groups. The Award committee can also make it a special prize, in addition to the usual Award.

Our firefighters are working tirelessly under often very difficult circumstances. Many of them are volunteers and they give all their time and energy to save lives and properties. We just had a big bush fire season and these heroes have done a lot of good work. They meet all the criteria for the AotY Award: they excel in what they do, contribute a lot to the community and are an inspiration to everyone.

Please, Award committee members, consider doing something special. Give these heroes a group award and send each and every one of them a personal certificate for it. You can do it, so please, do it!