Improve the welfare of brachycephalic dogs

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We the undersigned veterinarians, veterinary nurses and technologists, and pet owners consider the current phenotype of the brachycephalic breeds to be unnecessarily and cruelly incompatible with a comfortable and pain free life. We demand the Australian National Kennel Council and associated Canine Associations change the current breed standards to improve breed related conditions including:

Brachycephalic airway syndrome and the plethora of secondary associated conditions, and to reduce the incidence of conditions such as hemi vertebrae, cerebellar hypoplasia, chiari like malformation and syringomyelia, cleft palate / hare lip, degenerative neuropathy / myopathy, dystocia gastritis / oesophagitis / hiatal hernia, hip dysplasia, hydrocephalus, ingrown tails, Legge Calve Perthes Disease, patella luxation, portosystemic shunts, opthalmological conditions, pug encephalitis / meningitis, spina bifida and tracheal hypoplasia.

Changes to the phenotype of these dogs are occurring in many European Countries and these changes - particularly increasing muzzle length - must also occur in Australia and New Zealand.