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Put Keytruda on PBS and Save lives!

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Michelle Merchant Story

Keytruda has changed my life. This immunotherapy drug has given me my life back, without this drug I would be waiting to die instead of looking at a possible cure for Ovarian Cancer Stage 4.

11th March 1996 I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage 111C. At the time I was 34 and given 2 ½ years but I wouldn’t see 5 years.

Early 2016 after a discussion with my oncologist I became aware there were other drugs that could possibly help me to continue to fight the cancer but the catch was the price I didn’t have enough zero’s to pay for this treatment.

After exhausting every avenue to see if there was something else that I could I realised the only option I had was to somehow to find the funds to pay for the drug that might give me the opportunity to live longer.

I work fulltime, pay for private medical but I couldn’t get this drug unless I could pay for it. I decided for the first time in 21years I was going to have to ask for help.

With Chicks Conquering Cancer, Now Buildings and Advanced Precast and a Go Fund Me Site we managed to raise $90,000.00 to purchase the drug Keytruda.

In February 2017 I commenced using Keytruda injections every 3 weeks fingers crossed that this was going to work because after 22 years I was out of options, the drugs that were available on the PBS either no longer worked or I was allergic to them so I couldn’t use them.

My tumour marker reading (CA125) was 133 and rising when I started using this drug. After 4 doses it appeared that I wasn’t responding to the drug, and it was decided that we wouldn’t continue as it was a waste of money.

Unsure of what was to happen next I kept myself busy working.

I had a blood test and a check up with the oncologist to check the progression of the cancer toward the end of May early June and was totally surprised to find out the tumour marker had dropped down to the 90’s this has been the trend since so Keytruda was recommenced and I have continued to have an injection every 3 weeks.

On September 14th I will have another injection and get the latest results for the tumour marker the reading on the 22nd August 2017 the reading was 34, I have not had this type of response to a drug in 22+ years. I’m close to having the cancer go to sleep anything under 30 is considered within normal range, this has not been the case for the past 4-5 years. Keytruda offers something no other drug has ever been able to offer me and that is the potential to live my life cancer free.

Keytruda has the potential to give me a full CURE from cancer. It has changed my whole life, 12 months ago I was getting ready to face the real possibility that my life was over there was nothing else I could do, thanks to Keytruda this story has the potential to end very differently.

One injection of Keytruda is $8,000.00 this amount changes depending on the body mass of the person who is using it.

Due to the cost, Keytruda is out of reach to the average person so while there is a potential Cure for cancer out there unless you have money you can’t have it. How cruel and mind destroying that thought is.

I am asking that you sign the petition that has been put forward that Keytruda is added to the PBS system.

I have Ovarian Cancer Stage 4 and I don’t have time to wait around while the people who sit in power decide if, when and who should be chosen to use Keytruda.

Make it possible for the oncologist to decide if his patient would benefit from trailing Keytruda,

people with cancer deserve the opportunity to be able to see if Keytruda could work and potentially cure them and have longevity in their life.

Give everyone the opportunity to have Keytruda available as an option to Chemotherapy for all Cancers

If you wish to find out more about my story please go to Go Fund Me, The Teal Takeover by Kathy Smith Or Chicks Conquering Cancer Facebook Page.

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