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Keep U.S. anti-abortion campaigner Troy Newman out of Australia

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Troy Newman, a vocal opponent of women's safe, legal access to abortion is planning to tour Australia at the beginning of October 2015.

He is a danger both to women, to doctors who perform abortions and their staff, going so far as to advocate the execution of such doctors. 

He has perpetuated outright lies about women's health in order to turn public opinion not only against women's reproductive autonomy, but against women's health care in general.

Newman is head of Operation Rescue, the group that campaigned against Dr George Tiller, one of the few late-term abortion providers in the US. Newman has urged anti-choice campaigners to find out as much information about abortion providers as they can and make it public, and to publish details of any companies providing goods or services to abortion clinics, including photographing vehicles and patients. Newman and Sullenger boast of circulating photos of Kansas doctor George Tiller and a patient.

Six years ago, Dr Tiller was shot to death by Scott Roeder, an active member of Operation Rescue who claimed to have met Newman in person where he floated the possibility of violent action. While Newman has distanced himself from Roeder's actions, and there is no evidence he was aware of Roeder's plans, his targeting of Tiller is indisputable, even going so far as to relocate Operation Rescue's headquarters to Wichita, Kansas, specifically to focus on Tiller's clinic.

In 2001, a security guard outside a Melbourne abortion clinic was murdered by a Christian terrorist planning to slaughter everyone inside the clinic.

Newman is one of the activists behind the recent "undercover" videos that supposedly show staff at Planned Parenthood (PP) gleefully selling off the body parts of aborted foetuses for profit, later proved to be false.

This is not the kind of person we want in Australia. Please show your support for the autonomy of women by denying this man a visa.


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