“Microwave & electrical illness” recognized as functional impairment in Australia.

“Microwave & electrical illness” recognized as functional impairment in Australia.

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Human exposure to “Electromagnetic radiation (EMR)” of the 21st Century has increased intensely since the late 1990s with the introduction of wireless and electrical technology.  The offensive character of the exposure to “wireless radiation” and “electric-magnetic fields” from all wireless and electrical devices; appliances; tools and equipment have materialized into significant and life-threatening health problem throughout Australia.

The knowledge and facts of the dangers to EMR exposure through “wireless radiation” and “electric-magnetic fields” has been known for the past 100 years and that exposure caused “microwave and electrical illness” (aka “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS)”), pre-1990s.

There are many medical research documents (pre-1990s) warning governments and medical profession of the dangers of EMR exposure and the bearing that the exposure has on the health of those people exposed; causing neurological, cardiovascular, haemodynamic and neurasthenic disorders against a background of angio dystonia (abnormal changes of blood vessels),  and more so than people unexposed.  This was very clearly stated in the US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) Medical Section research: “Biological Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radio wave and Microwaves) (DST-1810S-074-76 March 1976)” describing the dangers and health risks of exposed military personnel to “microwave non-ionized radiation”, which is the very same “wireless radiation” that is emitted from all wireless technology of the 21st Century.

A further US DIA Medical section research report summaries the information available on Soviet research on human vulnerability to exposure to “microwave non-ionized radiation” can be found in the “Controlled Offensive Behavior (ST-CS-01-169-72 July 1972)”.

During the 21st Century, since the introduction of wireless and electrical technology, neurological, cardiovascular, haemodynamic and neurasthenic disorders have increased exceedingly; including autism and cerebral palsy; many children’s disorders; dementia; Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s; brain and breast cancer; rare cancer disorders; miscarriages; failure to conceive and IVF programs, which have all reached unprecedented levels.

The Australian environment is now permanently exposed to permanent “wireless radiation” and “electric-magnetic fields” producing an “electrosmog” that has also affected animal, bird, reptile and insect life.  The intentional ignoring of sufferers by the government and medical profession has created extreme distress and loss of quality of life for many Australian citizens who suffer from “microwave and electrical illness” (aka EHS).  It’s estimated that about 3- 5% of the Australian population suffer intensely from “microwave and electrical illness (aka EHS)” that leads to many other idiopathic disorders and life-threatening illnesses.

The most common offensive wireless devices and appliances are mobile and DECT phones, phone towers, modems/router, microwave ovens, Wi Fi hotspots, SMART power meters and baby monitors and monitors in the home, public, work, school, medical, hospital and shopping places.  They emit high levels of pulsating “microwave non-ionized radiation”.

Electrical devices, appliances, tools and equipment are just as offensive as wireless, and emit high levels of “electric and magnetic fields”.  The most common of these are the: stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machines, hair dryer, television and many other electrical essentials.

Sufferers of “microwave and electrical illness” (aka EHS) exhibit a variety of neurasthenic symptoms from the EMR exposure, such as: headaches/migraines; fatigue and weakness; dizziness; menstrual disorders; nose bleeds; irritability; agitation; tension; stress; drowsiness; sleeplessness; depression; anxiety; forgetfulness; lack of concentration; short-term memory; heart palpitations; pressure in the chest; tinnitus (ringing in the ears); burning and tingling of skin; rashes; joint pain; aching muscles and many more.

Many sufferers experience rejection and ostracization by their family, friends and associates, including the medical profession and governments, leading to extreme life of isolation and innuendos. The severity of the symptoms lead to a breakdown of social, home, work and sporting life forcing the sufferer to abandon their home and work place and even human relationships.  Life becomes extremely difficult when a person suffers from exposure to “wireless radiation” and “electric-magnetic fields”.

According to Stop Smart Meters Australia Inc.’s submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission, Submission No 247, it is stated that: “although a very wide interpretation of disability has been adopted in the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 in Australia, individuals with EHS are continually being discriminated against especially in the work place. This results from an absence of understanding in Australia by employers, government agencies and the general public of electro-sensitivity triggers, in addition to an absence of relevant legislation.”

(Note: What is referred to as EHS is in fact “microwave and electrical illness”!)

The Council of Europe's 2011 Resolution on the potential dangers of electromagnetic fields has recommended that all reasonable measures should be taken to reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields (Council of Europe 2011). The Council additionally recommended that particular attention be given "to 'electro sensitive' individuals who suffer from a syndrome of intolerance to electromagnetic fields and introduce special measures to protect them, including the creation of wave-free areas not covered by the wireless network".

(Note: The reference “electromagnetic fields” above is in fact “electromagnetic radiation”!)

Accordingly, ANSES (France’s Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety) also echoed these recommendations in its 2013 assessment of the risks related to exposures to radio frequencies (RF). Specifically, ANSES recommended "limiting the population’s exposure to radio frequencies – in particular from mobile phones – especially for children and intensive users, and controlling the overall exposure that results from relay antennas" (ANSES 2013).

There is an absence of policy or leadership on this issue across all levels of government in Australia. As it stands, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), which is the body generally considered as having regulatory responsibility for making standards to protect public health from “radio frequency (RF)” emissions (despite the fact that the legislative instrument under which it operates has not given it exclusive responsibility in this regards), has advised that it is not qualified to investigate the possible health effects of human exposure to electromagnetic energy and that it is not an expert body in health matters.

The ACMA summarized its position in its 2014 response to comments received on the remaking of the Radio Communications (Electromagnetic Radiation — Human Exposure) Standard, stating that the ACMA instruments "regulate the technical performance and operation of equipment, not the use of equipment by consumers or other organisations" (ACMA 2014).

In order to fulfill this role, the ACMA has partially (having dropped the precautionary aspects of the standard) adopted ARPANSA's standard, Maximum Exposure Levels to Radiofrequency Fields – 3 kHz to 300 GHz. The fact that the ACMA also does not take into account the general principles contained in ARPANSA's standard regarding simultaneous exposure to fields of different frequencies (which is the reality in today's home, public, work and school place) is troubling from a health perspective. This omission assumes even greater import in light of the fact that the ARPANSA standard does not, in the first place, provide a high level of protection when compared with some of the other guidelines and standards in place in other jurisdictions.

Many other developed countries have the benefit of higher levels of protection than what is currently provided by ARPANSA's standard. Radiofrequency exposure guidelines in place in these jurisdictions are ten to thousands of times more rigorous (stringent) than the ARPANSA standard, which is based on 1998 ICNIRP guidelines (Jamieson 2014).

In Sweden for example, Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is an officially fully recognized functional impairment (i.e. it is not regarded as a disease).  Swedish hospitals provide specific rooms for their sufferers of this illness. The Canadian Human Rights Commission also recognizes it as an environmental sensitivity and classifies it as a disability. 

It is important to point out, in an Australian Parliamentary Inquiry back in 1999, people suffering from EHS are acknowledged and it was stated in point 2.154 of Chapter 2 – Research On The Health Effects Of Electromagnetic Radiation that, “Several submissions also referred to the issue of hypersensitivity of some people to prolonged exposure to electricity and electromagnetic fields. The EMR Safety Network International advised, in its submission, that an increasing number of people, through a process of elimination, are attributing health effects to EME exposure and ‘find they can no longer tolerate such exposure in the home or workplace’. It was claimed that symptoms including fatigue and concentration difficulties suffered by electro-sensitive people have been dismissed as ‘extreme intolerance to stress or imaginary illness’, despite evidence that electromagnetic fields can affect body cells and cause disease.

(Note: Electricity and electromagnetic fields are two of the same thing, and in fact are “electric and magnetic fields”.)

Sufferers of “microwave and electrical illness” (aka EHS) were acknowledged and respected pre-1990s, then why isn’t it the same in the 21st Century?  These sufferers are not merely a few electro-phobic individuals suffering paranoia and delusion or seeking attention and special protection as seen by the medical profession and governments.  They are visible examples of an illness that was known pre-wireless technology of the 1990s and has been covered up.

In 1971 the “Naval Research Medical Institute (NRMI) Research Report” listed a “Bibliography of Reporting Biological Phenomena (Effects) and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio Frequency Radiation’”.  The injuries are well documented in this report due to the exposure to EMR at levels well below the now accepted standards based on the ICNIRP recommendations.  The 21st Century research claim that EHS is only affecting a minority group, when many idiopathic illnesses are being diagnosed and other environmental factors may be the cause, when that is not so.

In may seem that from pre-21st Century medical research there is a gross underestimation and cover-up of the real situation by the intentional ignoring of all medical research pre-1990.  “Microwave and electrical illness” (aka EHS) is a disorder that develops slowly as the nerve ends of the “peripheral and central nervous system” begins to deteriorate that destroys the myelin sheaths that leads to further biological processes that produces the many health disorders, which are explained earlier.  All EMR exposures to a human body are cumulative and develop in three phases from continual exposure to “microwave non-ionized radiation” (wireless radiation) and “electrical-magnetic fields” (electricity) that can take time for the individual to develop the illness from EMR exposure.  The unique physiological and genetic make-up of any individual determines the degree of severity of the illness and the breakdown of neurological, cardiovascular and haemodynamic bodily systems that can lead to immune and mitochondrial system failure and life-threatening medical conditions.

We, sufferers of “microwave and electrical illness” (aka EHS) would like to petition to the Australian Human Rights Commission and to the Department of Health to hear our appeal on the following recommendations as raised by Radiation Refuge Foundation Ltd:

  • The Australian Human Rights Commission conducts a national inquiry into human rights issues surrounding the rapid increase in the population's exposure to “electromagnetic radiation (EMR)”.
  • This inquiry is used as a basis for informing HRC policy in addition to policy and legislation across other Government agencies.
  • The Department of Health assumes responsibility to develop and promote policies within the health sector which assist members of the population with these illnesses (aka EHS) and disabilities to enable them to participate in the workforce.
  • Medical personals be trained to treat these illnesses (aka EHS) clinically as part of the group of chronic multisystem illnesses (CMI) leading to a functional impairment (EHS), but still recognizing that the underlying cause remains the environment.
  • Reduce transition to wireless as much as possible and encourage transition to wired communications as much as possible. Save the copper landline network that runs across Australia which may soon be lost to the wireless world.
  • Create a low EMF zone (Radiation Refuge) for people affected by this illness (aka EHS).


Please, sign and share this petition and send a strong message:

“Microwave and electrical illness” (aka EHS) is a real illness, which was recorded in all medical documentation pre-1990.  Today, it is seen as a functional impairment and should be given recognition as such across all governmental agencies in Australia.

1,296 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!