No confidence vote for Scott Morrison.

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If Scott Morrison stays Prime Minister the whole of Australia is gonna end up destroyed. We're already in drought and he's selling off our water, we're on fire and he's on holiday and doing next to nothing to help.  There shouldn't even have to be a petition to stop the NYE fireworks, they should have just been stopped and the funding given to stopping these fires so thought second thought but US the public are having to do petitions.  Puts $11 Million towards water bombing the bushfires but $135 Billion p.a towards tax benefits for the rich. He's done so much to ruin Australia and it's about time we get a new Prime Minister.

The only way to fix what is happening is by getting a new Prime Minister that'll start actually making moves to help Australia.

If Scott Morrison stays then the poor are gonna get poorer while the which get richer. There's gonna be more tax, he's gonna keep selling our water while we're in drought and Australia is gonna keep burning until we can barely breathe and wildlife is gonna end up heavily impacted. Everything is gonna end up more expensive due to the fires and drought and the poor aren't gonna be able to afford anything and Scott Morrison is gonna be sitting on top not caring because he's basically a legal terrorist.