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I am not saying all vaccines are bad, but unbiased studies need to be done with regard to real side effects. Studies conducted by manufacturers should not be considered objective. They have monetary interests at stake! ALL types of drugs have side-effects.

It is very disheartening to see on the news nearly every day how "safe" vaccines are and how irresponsible parents are who choose not to vaccinate, vilifying them, similar to what the media did with Pauline Hanson for making one comment for questioning vaccines. Where is the other side of the story on the news? The side effects, the deaths, and so on?


Could there be a conflict of interest with the FACT of media outlets selling advertising to a drug company, and then saying something negative about the vaccines the same company makes?

One example:

You decide if it is in the media outlet's interest to report a negative side effect of a vaccine, now you know the TV/radio station or newspaper is benefiting directly from advertising from that same company.


Questions for Australian politicians: Why are you as a whole pushing so hard for forcing all parents to vaccinating their kids here in Australia? Let the parents decide for themselves, and give them both sides of the story, please. There are two sides of the story, whether you wish to admit it or not.

If vaccines are so safe, why is it in the USA the drug companies are IMMUNE (that is the only true 'immunisation' here) to prosecution for adverse effects? Are we in Nazi Germany with a "Gestapo" mentality, to force everyone at gunpoint (or by what I would call straight out blackmail - no jab/no money)? We are supposed to be a Democracy, but forcing people shows signs of a Dictatorship. Are we afraid of the pharmaceutical companies? What is the problem with this picture?

Also the line I am constantly hearing on the news, "Those parents not vaccinating their children are putting the the health of EVERYONE at risk" - what a contradictory sentence! Anyone with the least big of logic should see a big problem with that sentence. At best, IF it were true, and those UNVACCINATED kids actually did put the VACCINATED kids at risk, that in itself shows the vaccines DO NOT WORK! And If it is not true, then it is an outright LIE. People saying that are relying on people not thinking for themselves. If a vaccine cannot even protect the child from an unvaccinated child, something is wrong with the vaccination, and the problem is not that a child was unvaccinated.

I appeal to conscience of each of you "Honourable" Senators and Representatives, give parents the pros and cons, not just the pros. Let them decide what is best for their kids, do not mandate it! There are adverse reactions, life-threatening with some children, and you cannot ignore that fact. I hope enough of you will see through the hype and get down to common sense and decency in this matter! It may be difficult, considering how the media has been pre-conditioning us to accept vaccines as safe without any questioning over a considerable amount of years now. I hope it is not too late!

Please share this link with as many of your friends and acquaintances as possible, who may be open to looking at both sides of the story about vaccines!

A proper register of adverse affects from vaccines needs to be set up and implemented in Australia, if one does not exist, and all doctors need to be aware of all the many side effects of vaccines, and to actually report them.

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