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Wake Up Australia Ban Caged Eggs Now

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Petition to ban battery cages in egg production in Australia. 

To the Honourable the Speaker and the Members of the House of Representatives

This petition of certain citizens of Australia states that:

Most Australians support the ethical treatment of animals therefore we want to see the use of cruel battery cages for egg production banned. The small cages approximately 450cm squared crammed with 2 to 7 hens does not allow chickens to behave in a natural way. They have no access to sunlight, fresh air, grass or a nest to lay their eggs, they can’t spread their wings, dust bathe, perch and forage or even walk around. The cages can rub off their feathers and cause painful sores. All egg producers should have hens in low density free range farms with real access to outdoors, so hens have happy and healthy lives.

The hens kept in cages are extremely stressed and can resort to pecking each other and therefore have their beaks painfully clipped without any painkillers. We want to stop de-beaking immediately.

Millions of one day old male chicks are killed every year but a Dutch organisation called In Ovo have invented a device that can identify the gender of the embryo in the egg which can stop this cruel practice. I want Australia to get on board with this incredible idea when it is officially launched in 2018.   

Your petitioners request that the house:

  • Take steps to ban all battery cages for egg production and make it mandatory for chickens to be raised in a free range system.
  • Ban the cruel practice of de-beaking hens.
  • Invest in alternatives to killing one day old male chicks.
  • Ban the sale of battery cage eggs in Australia.

Many countries around the world are already starting to phase out caged eggs and so it is time for Australia to get on board and stop the shameful and inhumane practice of caged hens. Please sign my petition and you can help save millions of hens suffering in battery cages in our country.

Thank you.


Julie Barrett on behalf of Lochlan Barrett aged 10


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