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I have 2 gorgeous greyhounds and have had 3 in my lifetime. One of those 2 is traumatized by live bating and terrible abuse, that occurred previously during her racing career. She is scared of loud noises and any sudden movements or simply a curtain blowing in the wind. She was also dumped around 500m away from a veterinary clinic near a busy high way by a previous greyhound racer. It is important that we make sure nothing like this ever happens to any greyhounds, even after terrible abuse Harley would never hurt a fly. Greyhounds are really sweet creatures who have to face common mis conceptions due to some of their previous live bating experiences, making some of them struggle to find a forever home. They are also disgracefully abused and many are euthanased if they do not perform up to the racer or the bet placers standards. Many greyhounds are severely punished for no reason at all and many are even killed just because their breeder has experienced an over breed of pups. This is a real problem we have to face. Animal cruelty is never okay, and especially not when the animals being abused are the sweetest most gentle and beautiful creatures you will ever meet.