Stop the killing of milk dependent kangaroo and koala joeys found in bushfires

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Stop Telling First Responders To Kill Baby Kangaroos And Koalas Orphaned In Bushfires

First responders tackling bushfires in Australia are being advised to kill baby kangaroos and koalas who have been orphaned as a result of the crisis. 
Firefighters have found numerous scared, suffering animals while working to contain the bushfire crisis in Australia, but a government-issued document known as the The Victorian Response Plan for Wildlife Impacted by Fire states rehabilitation is not supported for all creatures.
Rather than being handed over to rescue centres, the document advises any orphaned ‘milk dependent joeys’ found in the fire zone should be euthanised.

The government justifies this decision by claiming these animals ‘require significant long term care and cannot be successfully returned to the wild’, Yahoo! News reports.
The document goes on to describe methods of euthanasia, which include lethal injection, blunt force trauma and shooting.
In spite of the government’s claims, numerous wildlife carers have succeeded in raising baby koalas and kangaroos. (Source:

Please read the statement from the Australian Wildlife Protection Council (AWPC) as they are also calling on the government to immediately issue a new Response Plan in order to save bushfire affected joeys.

Bringing joeys to wildlife carers nearby or giving wildlife rescues a chance to come and collect them has to be the first step when finding them in bushfires.