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The Australian Blobfish is rarely seen by humans, and some humans think it is a disgusting creature. But that doesn't matter! People should not judge these fish off of their appearances. This fish is becoming extinct and we need to help it-- no matter what it looks like. Its not even edible but it is still being fished and caught in nets from deep sea fishing. This fish makes the world more interesting and its not right to kill it off, so please, sign the petition to save these animals! If we get 1000 signatures we will write to the Australian Government and tell them of this problem (or if you have a better solution to this problem, please write in the comments!) But part of our goal is to spread awareness about the blobfish and to make people more interested. The more people who become interested in the Blobfish, the more likely scientists will start researching more about these animals and more research would be excellent since not a lot is known about these guys and would definitely help save them! Thanks! 

P.S. According to this sad article, We are at fault for the Blobfish being ugly. This is not fair! They have a bad reputation because of us. So lets spread this article around, and please sign this petition. 

Letter to
Australian Government
The Australian Blobfish is currently in danger of becoming extinct! The Australian Blobfish is a interesting animal and it would be a shame if it no longer existed. Please make a restriction or law to get fishermen to stop trawling (fishing with a strong net) in the areas where the Blobfish live. More research would also be great since not a lot is known about these animals. Thanks a lot!