Shut down the company 1stAustralia​.​com for cultural appropriation of Aboriginal designs

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000! is a website that is selling aboriginal designs that ARE NOT designed by the First Nations people of Australia. They are stealing our culture and making profit off of it. We have been systematically oppressed for so long that these companies blatantly design and sell without consulting, honouring or respecting us as a people. It is a power imbalance that has been evident for My whole life and together we need to make a stance. We need to be heard! Shutting down this company is just a start of a movement of stopping trade on all businesses, traders, people who think it is ok to steal our culture and sell it for money and gain. When a person -NOT from a race of marginalised people- feels entitled to take from our peoples traditions and practices, what has been theirs for thousands of years. Then adopts it as their own. It is cultural appropriation. The disrespect of this company to our people is so clear. First of all, There is no aboriginal artists being paid, for their designs. There is no acknowledgement of my people as a whole on their site. No ‘inspired by aboriginal designs’ (which personally to me is not ok either) Aboriginal art is designed and painted by the First Nations people of Australia. ONLY! So when you sell fabrics with the words Aboriginal, it’s a lie. These people are making thousands of dollars from our culture and they must be stopped immediately. Please sign this petition so we can make it happen!