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The World doesn't need it - We don't need it - Australia's Nanny-State Bike Helmet Law.!

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The People have waited twenty - four years for this opportunity to sign this Petition against Australia's Compulsory Nanny - State Bike Helmet Laws - Now it's here.!  A Senate Committee is examining the possibilities. Did you stop riding your bicycle in 1992 due to the Compulsory Bike Helmet Law.?  Very many did so.  You can have your say on that today, here and now.

NOTE WELL: This Petition is NOT against the USE of Bike Helmets - Only  against the Compulsory Nature of the Law.  Everyone will still be free to wear their bike helmet as they see fit.

No other country but N.Z. has adopted this Law in 22 years.  Most Aussie bike riders hated it enough to stop using their bikes..! 

This Petition Will Go To: The Senate Sub-Committee on Personal Choice and Community Impacts.  ( Sitting now, 8th December 2015)


1. Introduction:

Please note: Everything stated below is totally truthful and above board. Only the facts are presented. Nothing made-up, no hearsay, all paperwork available to those who want it and no facts embellished or sidestepped.

No politicians involved, no fanatics for-or-against bike helmet usage, only people interested in seeing ordinary Aussie bike riders young and old, back on their bike wheels Helmet-Law-Free.

Not the 'racy' lot, but the ordinary lady or bloke who wants just to pedal down to the shop once or twice a week. Mum, Dad and Auntie Emma will not do this while they are forced to wear a helmet like some lunatic speed maniac.


2. Statistics showed even in 1991, that cycling is easily the safest form of road usage, by injuries per kilometre  travelled. ( Federal Office of Road Safety Stats.)

But bike riders were made the scapegoats for road safety efforts, by politicians - who knew they could never make people wear a helmet in their cars... Even though this move could save hundreds of lives.


3. Begins:  Why do Australia and N.Z. - only - have Bicycle Helmet Laws.?

1990 saw wide concern for better Road Safety, by the Australian Federal Government.

When  the Helmet Law was first 'introduced' in 1991-92 the States were paid-off by the Federal Government to do so, out of a Fund totaling $110 million.

Bribed, you could say.  Did you know that.?  Obviously we were now going to get Bike Helmet Laws, because our politicians cannot resist being given money.!   

It was never about Road Safety, but only about the appearance of safety..   Which made the Federal Transport Minister look good..!


4. What Happened Then..?

By 1994 in the United Kingdom these Bicycle Helmet Laws were plainly described in the British Medical Journal as "The Disastrous Australian Experiment" -  Because these Laws caused half the bike-riding population of Australia at that time to give up riding their bikes and lose the benefits of all that healthy excercise.!   

Older folks in particular simply said - "They Can't Force Me.!"  And they put their bikes the shed to rust for twenty four years, up to now.

Just ask those who rode their bikes regularly at the time but stopped. There were 200,000 did so in Western Australia in 1992-93, while Perth and Fremantle's two or three Bike Hire businesses went broke literally overnight on the very first day the Helmet Law started.   Suddenly there were no takers..!


5. Were there any other bad side-effects of the Helmet Law..?

The Helmet Laws encouraged Police and Doctors to put the blame on the unfortunate  cycling victims of traffic accidents, where the real blame should fall on the hundreds of careless and negligent drivers on our roads.

It was much easier for Police to catch bike riders without helmets, than to catch the bad drivers who cause accidents and injuries to pedestrians and bike riders.  

I have personally seen two Policemen in a V8 pursuit car deliberately run a bike rider off the road and smash him heavily into a lamp post, to catch him with no helmet..!


6. But don't we NEED the safety we get from wearing a Bicycle Helmet..?

Because of low Helmet Manufacturing Standards, a bike helmet is only any possible use in an under ten kg. impact at less than twelve km/hr. Or, in a simple topple - and - drop mishap. Useless in a major crash, it's just a thin bit of plastic foam and will crack through.

The "Safety" it confers is minimal at best.


7. Surely, riding a bicycle must come with some risks..?

Bike riding is very low-risk..  The Health Department of Western Australia has told us definitively that the risk of riding a bicycle is very low; in fact  "Less than that of playing soccer".    And soccer is a non - contact sport.!

Toasters kill more:  In 1992 a Perth M.P. found that annually more people were electrocuted by their own toasters, than died of head injuries from bicycle riding.

Children's Bikes: If it were really true that riding a bicycle is sufficiently dangerous in itself to require the compulsory and unfailing  use of such head protection then it becomes obvious that children should not be allowed to use a bicycle at all, and the manufacture or importation of child-size bicycles would need to be totally banned.  But this is not the case..!

Allowing children to ride bicycles on the road "Provided they wear a Helmet" is comparable to saying children may walk across a Rifle Range "Provided they wear a Bullet - Proof Vest". Both statements are equally flawed.



8. Bicycle riders get a great deal of Injuries, we are told...?

Cyclists injury rates: Whilst any injury is regrettable, the numbers of any injuries sustained by bicycle riders is no more than the average numbers of any injuries sustained per person within the general population 'through misadventure', i.e., not many at all.!

For motorists it is 22 times higher, meaning your child is safer on his bike, helmet or no helmet  - than in your family car.    Did you know That...?

Pedestrian Head Injury Rates: For every One person with head injury from Bike Riding, there are Six head Injured pedestrians - from walking across the road.!     So why were Bike Riders forced to wear helmets and not Pedestrians...?  

That's easy - Because people would think it's Silly. But the Federal Government Statistical Facts say otherwise. Many fewer people would die of head injury if everyone was made to wear a Helmet to walk across any busy road.


9. If  these disturbing facts are all true, why have they never been made       public until now..?

Secrets Kept:  For twenty-two years our Politicians and "Medical Experts" have kept all these facts secret. They would never want you to know that the Helmet Law was not about safety - Imagine how many would fight their fines in Court - and they would especially not want you to know that not only have the numbers of injuries on our roads not lessened but increased, since the Helmet Laws were brought in with such fanfare. And this has happened with fewer bicycle riders on our roads..!

Our Politicians have also kept the secret that the Helmet Law is not enforced in the Northern Territory.!  Did you know that.?  And Territorians do not have a higher rate of head injury than other States, even though they are free to ride their bikes without helmets if they wish.

Aussies are free to responsibly drive cars, drink alcohol, shoot guns and fly aeroplanes - But we cannot be trusted to ride a common bicycle - without a lump of plastic foam stuck on our heads, and Policemen with guns following us around to be sure we do so.  How ludicrous is this..?  Nothing like this has ever happened, even in Eastern Europe.

Do sign this Petition, It could put an end to so much pointless argument and debate which never before existed 'till the States were bribed to make this silly law, and will help to put Australia back on it's wheels as we want to do.

Thank You for your Attention, and for your Signature.


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