Right To Rescue

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Animals, like humans need systematic change.

The toll of factory farming is beyond doubt. Industrial animal farms are one of the largest causes of climate change and habitat loss. They contribute to serious public health risks, including antibiotic resistance that sickens and kills young children. And they inflict grotesque cruelty on 3 trillion of sentient beings worldwide (annually). Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources surveys indicated that 95% of the public believes that animals welfare is an issue of concern, and only 35% of these people believed breeding animals for food was fair. Public awareness and concern is increasing every year, which is why leading political commentators and philosophers have described animal rights as the next frontier of social justice.

Yet far from supporting progress, our political and corporate leaders have too often blocked it. Nationwide, the industry receives subsidies and government hand-outs to assist animal farmers whilst laws are passed to prohibit animal protection groups from exposing the truth. Deceptive corporate marketing manipulates consumers into taking actions against our own values. With the National Party lobbying to prohibit competition in the market by plant-based alternatives. And perhaps most frighteningly, our most basic civil liberties have been undermined – police misuse of power to disband actions, activist homes raided, exorbitant fines issued and numerous activists threatened with prison -- for exposing the industry’s misconduct and trying to help suffering animals.

The devastating toll of this industry -- on the planet, on our citizens, and on animals -- demands action. We are calling for an immediate end to the government support of factory farming abuses and the draconian prosecutions of nonviolent activists. And at the heart of this issue, we demand legal protection for animals, including the legal right of all animals to be rescued from situations of distress and exploitation.

Sign this petition to support the right to rescue animals in distress and have the following basic rights provided to animals;

The right to be free - not owned - or to have a guardian acting in their best interest.
The right to not be exploited, abused, or killed by humans.
The right to have their interests represented in court and protected by the law.
The right to a protected home, habitat, or ecosystem.
The right to be rescued from situations of distress and exploitation.