Public Inquiry into NSW Police Officer Senior Constable Andrew Murphy. AKA Raptor 13

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Officer Murphy has in the past been caught on camera appearing to throw a motorcyclist's licence on the ground, pushing away a woman and holding a metal pole to a driver's head amongst many other unreported cases with the 2 most recent being Murphy going into an automotive workshop and placing defects on every single vehicle in that workshop from fully built to stripped down. But what really blew my whistle was seeing him Shoving a Veterans MC member without reason on the good as gold poker 2018 run which has just happened this Saturday the 3rd of March 2018

There is a multitude of evidence that officer Murphy has gone too far in his duties as a police officer and something needs to be done! Disciplinary action MUST be taken for obvious reasons. Police should be protecting our civilians instead of harassing them.

I will post links to certain incidents involving 'Murphy' below.

Please sign, nothing will be done unless we stand up in numbers.