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All across Australia dogs are being confined to cruel puppy farms. These helpless puppies are being abused and kept in tight cages causing them to grow up as timid and scared dogs who don't know the feeling of a safe and protected life. Although they might end up with a family who loves and protects them, they might never feel that sense of belonging because of the dark past that they have been a part of. Many puppies sold online actually come from puppy farms and around 450,000 puppies are sold each year in Australia from inhumane puppy farms. Not only does this cause problems for the puppies such as anxiety and depression but we also have to think about the adult dogs who are being kept as stud dogs. The amount of trauma that these puppies and dogs receive must damage their lives forever. This isn't fair and this should definitely not be happening. We all have a voice so let's use it for a good cause. Please help stop puppy farms today and give puppies the happy and joyful life they should have, where they are able to be a part of a family and grow old knowing that they are loved and feeling the sense of belonging.