Lowering Australian tobacco taxes and price increases

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Working class citizens struggle to get by as is with our weekly wages and some of us have become dependant on smoking tobacco because it helps us get through stressful days especially when you're working a 7-3 or 9-5 job you hate but need in order to pay bills and provide. tobacco is a healthier vice than alcohol,  prescription drugs and illegal substances. Sure in the long run it deteriorates your health but I feel as if thats up to us as citizens to decide not the government to raise tax make more money off of hard working people that are already struggling to get by with the costs of daily living. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way so I hope I can get enough people to sign this petition to fight for something that is pathetic in my eyes the Australian government taxing the life out of the working class as per usual with an excuse of wanting people to cut down when in reality they're just profiting off of our addiction.