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Bullying is rampant in Australia, especially among young people. At the moment, there are no anti bullying laws in any Australian state except Victoria ( Brodie's Law ). This law needs to be spread throughout all Australian states and territories to let these bullies know that it will not be tolerated. Too many lives have been lost and affected by these people.
In today's society, and with the introduction of social media its ridiculous that no such laws exist yet. This needs to change.

Letter to
Australian Government
Introduce anti bullying laws in Australia.

Enough is enough.
Bullying is rampant in Australia today and we, the Australian people have had enough.
Strict laws need to be introduced and heavy penalties imposed on those who are found guilty of bullying, including cyberbullying.
Too many lives have been affected, and even lost as a result of bullying.
Please support us in making these changes happen to protect our future generations against this malicious act.

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