Help me stop the live culling of baby male chickens

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Every year, 6 million baby male chickens are killed around the world.

In Australia alone, 12 million are either gassed or shredded.

The farming industry believes that since male chickens serve no 'useful' purpose to us, they deserve to suffer a brutal demise only moments after they open their eyes.

Some chickens are macerated, where they are pushed, alive, into a high speed grinder. Others are suffocated in plastic bags, often suffering for a long time and dying under the weight of a hundred dead others. Carbon dioxide knocks them unconscious before they eventually succumb to the gas.

No living being deserves to suffer a death as violent and devastating as this. We must pressure the Australian government to ban this awful practice.

There are so many alternatives that can prevent the death of live babies. 

1. Providing funding for the research and development of technology that can determine the sex of a chicken egg before hatching. Similar methods proposed include making male eggs fluorescent, and eventually developing the ability to only have female sperm to produce female eggs.

2. For smaller farms, baby male chickens could be taken to schools or kindergartens, or be sold/given away as pets for those willing to share their homes. Chickens could make excellent pets as they have been found to be loyal, affection and at times, even follow around their owners! At schools children can be taught many life skills centred around chickens and watch them grow.

The ending of live chicken culling is long overdue. Every carton of eggs that we buy comes at the expense of a tiny, innocent male chicken. We must take action to persuade the government to ban this awful practice as soon as we can!