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The government is reportedly in the consideration phases of forcing students to pay of their HECS DEBT straight away, even if they don't have a large income themselves. The government wants to make HECS DEBT REPAYMENTS MEANS TESTED - meaning that if you are currently residing in a high income earning family, but are a low income earner yourself, you will be forced to make repayments on your HECS DEBT in the near future, even if you personally are not earning over the threshold of $54,000 per year. How is this fair? You do not require an income to take out a HECS help loan to complete your education, however if this new idea becomes implemented, students with low forms of income, or potentially none, will suddenly have to make repayments, even though they took the loan out on the understanding that they will not be required to pay anything back until they earn over the threshold. 

This was mentioned on page 22 of its 'Driving Innovation, Fairness and Excellence' discussion paper. 

"To improve repayments from this group, It has been suggested that a household income test be introduced". 

Being forced to make repayments through means testing will force thousands of students into a deep financial burden. Making your repayments means tested is cruel and unfair to everyone. Just because you come from a high income earning household doesn't mean that you'll be able to meet these loan repayments straight away, especially since higher education is becoming outrageously expensive, naturally causing an increased financial burden on young people who are making a conscious effort to better their lives and future career prospects. 

Please sign this petition to stop Turnbull and the Australian Government from plunging young people into further debt though forcing them to repay hecs loans through means testing. 

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