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Cancel the threat abatement plan for predation by feral cats

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The government seems to think that the proper way of preserving the local varieties of flora and fauna involves the deaths of 2 million feral cats. They announced on July 13th that the feral cat is to be concidered a harmful parasite and will be hunted down by different means such as shooting, poisoning and bait. They believe that feral cats are mainly responsible for the dissapearence of 130 species of wild fauna, approximately 20 mammals and 20 birds, while they are the reason why some varietys of flora are under government protection. Australia will dispose the sum of 6.600.000 dollars for the appliance of this plan, which aims to the complete dissapearence of feral cats till 2020, and hopes that enough of this money will be given by sponsors. I appeal to your sensitivity and respect to the animals lives.

Here is a link of the government's site that contains the official documents which describe this plan:

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