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Approve Tonh Mien's holiday visa applicationApplication ID: IRIS 28113662601

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This petition is on behalf of a group of Australians and numerous other individuals who help financially support Togh's humanitarian projects in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Togh has recently had his Australian holiday visa denied for the 3rd time. Togh's character has been sorely misjudged and an unfitting decision made.
Whilst respect is maintained for the assessors working for Immigration and Border Protection a disappointing decision has been made on 3 occasions now, which to an enormous amount of people is objectionable.

It was believed that his visit was not of a “genuine” nature. If there's one thing I know for certain it's that Togh is beyond genuine, and someone I cannot say enough about, human beings do not get any better than him. His enduring moral qualities earn him the utmost respect by all that meet him. The Opera Winfrey Production team is heading over in a weeks time to do a story on his life and show their support, need I say more?

I met Togh 10 years ago now, when I met him and to this very day he has diligently committed his life to helping the less fortunate and poverty stricken families (particularly children) of Cambodia. He has successfully set up, operated and maintained 2 schools which provide free education for over 700 children. He has also set up a project called BTIC which is designed to remove particularly poor families scavenging and living at a rubbish dump (near to his home village) and into purpose built housing. The children of these families are sent to one of his school. If they are too young they attend a nursery within the compounds of the community built for the families. They are also fed once a day – which is most of the time the only meal they get each day.

Togh is involved in many other charitable projects within his community and is transforming the lives of many. Australia should welcome him with open arms and treat him with the respect and admiration he deserves. He is merely hoping to visit Australia for a 3 month holiday and spend time with the many friends he has made from Australia over the years and visit those who have supported him on his exploits to make the world a better place.

Australia has long been considered the land of a fair go, however there is nothing fair about this decision and it is our wish to see it overturned. I’m sure anyone making an informed decision would agree that granting a holiday visa for Togh would be the only obvious conclusion…  

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