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Australian Government: Ban keeping of cetacean species in captivity.

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Recently, India became the fourth country to ban keeping of cetacean species in captivity. Australia needs to follow their lead in this morally unacceptable issue. 

India's Minister for the Environment & Forests stated that "Confinement in captivity can seriously compromise the welfare and survival of all types of cetaceans by altering their behaviour and causing extreme distress." Also India has declared that cetaceans’ high level of intelligence grants them the status of “non-human persons”

The statement continues - “cetaceans in general are highly intelligent and sensitive, and various scientists who have researched dolphin behaviour have suggested that the unusually high intelligence; as compared to other animals means that dolphin should be seen as ‘non-human persons’ and as such should have their own specific rights and is morally unacceptable to keep them captive for entertainment purpose"


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