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Ban the exportation of pets that are produced by farms/mills in our own backyards.

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By banning exports of pets from our home countries we are actively helping to breakdown these barbaric industries from the roots. Cat and dog farms rely on world wide exports for their income to make their businesses financially viable. This petition does not include the export of pets that travel with their loving owners. Once these pets arrive overseas we have no idea if they are ending up in the fur, meat and another farm trade. We are at the moment actively contributing to all of these trades. Most pets being shipped or flown around the world originate from puppy farms. We have been signing petitions to end farming of pets yet nothing is changing, so its time we took matters into our own hands and bypassed the governments selfish agendas. If all global airlines out of protest stopped the exportation of pets especially babies, we will criple the industry. Most pet shops now will not buy from puppy farms so why are the airlines still exporting them? 

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