A Freeze on repayments for small business and those unable to work due to COVID19

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Australian REALLY NEEDS THIS to gain some traction.

Fact: Covid19 will impact more people financially than heath wise. After this current situation we will potentially see a spike in mental illness the likes of which will never have been seen before. Those unable to work will be unable to make rent or mortgage payments, risking eviction, bankruptcy or foreclosure!

My proposal is that Our government, landlords, financial institutions FREEZE all rent payments, repayments on mortgages and loans for people that cannot work during this time. We as a society need this MORE than a $750 handout. Practical help for your people that will assist them to get through these times. I’m NOT saying write off the debt, I’m saying let’s put a hold on payments until people can return to work. Level the playing field for those affected financially. We NEED THIS to ensure that no one becomes homeless, that they can afford food and the extra un-budgeted spike in electricity and utilities that will be inevitable while we are social distancing and self isolating. A little bit of breathing room while this transpires. These payments will pick up again where they left off once this is over and people are able to draw an income to pay the bills. Im asking them to just hit “pause” for a while! Where is the fairness for the hardworking people of our country who through no fault of their own are being told that their employers will have to cease trading due to a MASSIVE reduction in numbers of people spending, or are unable to continue to trade due to the banning of people at gatherings. They and many small businesses do not deserve to have further impact due to the necessary actions of our slow to act government. Freezing repayments will go a long way to ensuring the security of this affected.

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