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For Australian fashion designer Arthur Galan to use fur knowing what a 'bloody' truly evil trade it is, is simply unconscionable. Mr Galan clearly has no empathy for animals which are violently killed so he can profit from their fur. There is no such thing as humane fur and Mr Galan must know this. For this high profile designer who has 19 stores across Australia to continue using fur when the treatment of animals is now more important to the public than it ever has been, is very worrying. We must not allow Mr Galan to hide his head in the sand and pretend the fur he uses doesn't come from animals that are tortured and skinned alive. We must ensure Mr Galan holds his head in shame.

Letter to
Arthur Galan
It has come to my attention that you use fur in your collections and I find this terribly disturbing as, will all individuals who are opposed to animal abuse and torture.

It is commonly known that animals farmed and killed for their fur on Chinese fur farms, China being the largest supplier of fur to the rest of the world, are treated in the most heinous ways. How any human being could support and promote such a brutal and violent trade is somewhat worrying.

Each year millions of animals on Chinese fur farms are killed in ways which are simply unspeakable. Animals are electrocuted anally and vaginally, they are bludgeoned with medal rods, their heads are violently smashed on the ground (just to mention a few methods). But these violent methods do not always ensure death and many animals are skinned alive as a result.

I find it difficult to believe that you are not aware of how the fur you use and profit from has been sourced. China has no animal welfare protection laws so anything goes in these farms.

Many designers have chosen to make an ethical and compassionate decision, and no longer use fur. One can only hope that you decide to do the same. To continue to use fur can only mean that you knowingly support, promote and profit from one of the cruellest trades in the world, the fur trade.

There is no doubt that this will tarnish your reputation not just in Australia but world wide.

I sincerely hope that you decide to stop your use of fur, to not do so will only attract the worst kind of attention.

If you are not aware of how animals are killed for their fur, then I urge you to view the below links.


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