Stop damaging public identification and profiling of Autistic individuals

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Autistic-led Organisations Australia (ALOA) recently became aware of an initiative, called Project Eleos, launched by the charity, "Spectrum Support". Project Eleos intends to identify Autistic individuals in public via a Talisman intended to become an instantly and globally recognisable symbol of Autism, particularly for first responders including police.

We are deeply concerned that this project has the potential to do great harm to our Autistic community.

ALOA's concerns about this Talisman are many, including that it would enable and encourage public recognition and profiling of Autistic and neurodivergent individuals, that it would allow Autistic children to be identified by potential abusers, and that it has been rejected globally as antithetical to best practice and tantamount to a breach of privacy, dignity and human rights.

Moreover, this project has been launched with no consultation with the adult Autistic community, and disregards many fundamental issues to our community.

Read our full rationale here.

ALOA argues that every person, Autistic or not, and with or without mental illness (diagnosed or undiagnosed), should be able to trust that police and emergency services will treat them with the dignity, empathy and respect that they deserve as their basic human right.

We therefore recommend in the strongest terms that this project be halted before it proceeds any further and that funds are instead spent accessing appropriate Autistic advocates to educate emergency services staff, rather than identifying and singling out an individual minority group.