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Prosecute Tony Abbott for the serious abuse of his entitlements

"Abbott has not been referred to the Australian Federal Police for this serious abuse of his entitlements because of what is known as the Minchin Protocol, which enables politicians to pay back the Commonwealth for any breaches of their entitlements without penalty.

Despite this, former Speaker Peter Slipper is facing criminal prosecution in Canberra over expenses totalling less than $1,000. Slipper had offered to repay these expenses to the Commonwealth but, as reported by Kingston, the Australian Federal Police declined to allow him to do this because the matter had been referred to them for action."

If Peter Slipper is prosecuted for $1000, why is Tony Abbott exempted for abusing the Australian tax payers' trust to the tune of nearly $10,000? What is good for one politician is good for another. Let's generate some pressure for the Australian Federal Police to deliver to Abbott the same justice he thought it necessary to deliver to Mr Slipper, incidentally for a tenth of the amount!

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