Stop the Government from Needlessly Increasing the Cost of Humanities Degrees

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Under the government's new funding scheme, students studying humanities degrees could be forced to pay more than someone studying medicine, engineering or science. 

This is ridiculous, as a humanities degree generally costs much less for a university to provide, due to the fact that they do not require expensive equipment to the same extent that, say, an engineering or science degree does.

The government argues that this will funnel students into degrees that are "job-relevant." However, given the HECS-HELP scheme, it's not like students will have to pay this fee upfront, meaning that there is not much of a barrier to entry. Thus, the government is simply imposing a NEEDLESS cost onto students.

Additionally, while humanities degrees may be described as "useless" as some, do not forget that many students may take one of these degrees as a double degree to improve their knowledge in a particular field (for example, a student who studies politics along with law in preparation for a government role, or someone who studies journalism in combination with science to specialise as a scientific journalist). Also, majors such as philosophy consistently attract some of the brightest students in the country, and with good reason; philosophy is an incredibly useful subject, contrary to what some believe.

All in all, this is a terrible decision. But we have the power to change it. Sign the petition, share the petition, and let's get our voices heard.

Information about the funding changes can be found below: