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Stop all slaughtering of horses in Australia

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Horses are unnecessarily and brutally slaughtered in inhumane ways throughout Australia for their meat, which will either be used for animal consumption, or exported to countries such as Japan for human consumption. These horses die slow, painful deaths. Let's stop these so-called "humans" running knackeries and slaughterhouses, who place the value of money over the value of lives and animal rights. It is wrong the way our nation's horses are being treated. We MUST stop this. Who are we to enable this murder on our own soils?



*** This petition is against knackeries, the "doggers", and all slaughter houses who perform the unnecessary murder of horses.

It is not against the Veterinary humane "putting down" of very sick horses who cannot be physically saved in any way and are in a lot of pain.


More info in detail, warning may be disturbing... 

What people need to understand is that IN MOST CASES the practise itself is NOT humane, is unnecessary, and many horses are still conscious as they are brutally murdered ("Bolted" which often leaves them conscious, they are then strung by one leg, their throats are slit, and they are left to die. However, often they are in a hurry at the slaughterhouse and start skinning the horses alive. THIS is the truth). Among the slaughtered are geldings, mares, stallions, pregnant mares, and foals - horses of all types and ages. Most did not need to die. In Australia this year over 100,000 horses will die unnecessary painful deaths, with 40,000 of these horses' meat being exported for human consumption in countries such as Japan. This industry is SICK, DEVASTATING and WRONG. If their deaths were done humanely by a Veterinarian it would be a different story. But often the TRAVEL alone to these slaughter houses is pure torture for the animals! The whole experience terrifies them. We need to make owners responsible for horses, lessen unnecessary breeding, and de-sex more horses. We need to shut down the slaughterhouses and find a humane alternative for these creatures who, in most cases, their only crime was being born into the wrong hands. We need more rescue missions etc. The main thing is though - slaughterhouses and knackeries don't simply "put down" horses, although it may be easier for us as humans to believe that term as it sounds nicer. These horses are brutally murdered and THAT is the truth.

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