Coronavirus: A temporary universal basic income for everyone

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In light of COVID-19 everyone should receive a temporary universal basic income, including freelancers and the self-employed.

Why is this important?
With Federal Government advice to minimise the scale and spread of coronavirus many people, especially freelancers, self-employed people and casual workers will be left with little to no money for the foreseeable future.

The Government take measures right now to support people by providing a temporary universal basic income so we all have enough money to survive. Universal basic income is a sum of money given to everyone to help pay for essentials like rent, food and bills. We already have the need for economic stimulus packages, this ensures that it reaches people who really need it and will relieve the stress currently impacting many households.

People who are in casual or insecure work situations often have to choose between staying home when sick or pushing their luck by turning up because they need the pay to survive. Now more than ever we want people to be in the position to put their health and the health of their community first.

Ensuring everyone has enough to get by could save lives. If you think everyone should be guaranteed enough money to pay for basic essentials at a time like this, will you add your name to the petition now?
(personally I think this should be the case at all times but that is the fight for another day)