Help My Mum Get To Melbourne

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My Mum's mother, Mele Olini Latu passed away yesterday morning in Melbourne, Australia. Not only is my mum is the eldest of my Grandma's kids but she's also the only one of her kids who live overseas from the rest of her siblings. As soon as we got the news my mum applied for an Exemption Request twice and both times it got declined.

My mum is apart of the security staff at the Auckland airport and goes through Covid testing every fortnight because it is compulsory, and every time the results come back negative. My mum's job, working at the borders is risky but it also gives enough evidence to those in power to make this problem go away so she can be able to go without the two weeks of quarantine in Melbourne.

All I ask to those who are reading this is to please sign this and help out a daughter trying to be with her mother who passed away so suddenly and unexpectedly. Covid has had a big impact on us all this year but it shouldn't be the reason why a daughter cant be able to see her mother for the last time. The reason why the two weeks of quarantine is pointless is because by the time my mum gets out of quarantine my Grandma will be buried by then and my mum wont the chance to see her.