485 visa extension

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On the behalf of all temporary residents (485) visa holders

to the respective Australian immigration

We as 485 visa holders have this golden period to make up for our migration points to secure our future in Australia 

but due to this unforeseen pandemic we are neither able to work full time in our respective fields nor we are able to do professional year programs ( specially for people stuck overseas on Their 485 visa

once this visa gets over we will have no opportunity to score those precious points and our future would be in an absolute jeopardy 

on top of that we are not entitled to any sort of government benefits or any other entitlements
because neither we are students nor we are permanent residents

Our whole future is in vain due to this pandemic and we cant do anything which has left us with an absolute dangerous situation 

so from the behalf of all temporary graduate visa holders , we request that our 485 visa should be considered for an extension for the time period which is wasted due to COVID-19 pandemic

any sorts of help would be helpful!