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Save Dina Ali **URGENT**

Dina Ali is a young Saudi woman who escaped Saudi Arabia and is seeking asylum in Australia. She was detained in the Philippines in transit and the government of the Philippines is intending to deport her back to Saudi Arabia. Dina has received death threats from her family back in Saudi Arabia and if she returns, it is more than likely that she will be killed. Please sign and share this petition to raise awareness. Also, please call and/or email the Australian ambassador to the Philippines, Amanda Gorely and the Australian Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton.


We must act quickly! 


Peter Dutton - Australian Immigration Minister

Ph: +61 7 3205 9977


Amanda Gorely - Australian Ambassador to the Philippines 

Ph: +63 2 757 8100 


This petition will be delivered to:
  • Australian Ambassador to the Philippines
  • Australian Immigration Minister

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