Australia Post, stop hurting small businesses. Let Sendle deliver to PO Boxes

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Australia Post, stop hurting small businesses. Let Sendle deliver to PO Boxes

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

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Started by Sendle

Tens of thousands of ordinary Australians and small businesses pay Australia Post handsomely to rent PO Boxes so they can receive their parcels and mail in a secure location.

In many cases, particularly for those people living in rural Australia, it’s their only option. But what most people don’t realise when they sign up for their PO Boxes is that only Australia Post, and their subsidiary StarTrack, are allowed to deliver to them. What is shocking, is that Australia Post do not mention this limitation in the PO Box terms and conditions.

Sendle is a small Aussie startup using digital technology and a passion for customer service to provide a better parcel delivery service to thousands of small businesses and consumers across Australia. Sendle gives you the power to send parcels door-to-door, at flat national rates, cheaper than sending from the post office, and we ensure that every delivery we make is 100% carbon neutral. It’s the kind of 21st century delivery service that Australians deserve.

But Australia Post don’t agree and won’t let us deliver parcels to PO Boxes.

We believe that competition is a good thing and that restrictive trade practices only rob consumers of a better deal. Can you imagine Australia with only one airline, or just the one phone provider? Competition only makes business better and gives customers choice.

This anti-competitive practice is hurting many of the two million small businesses in Australia that want the ability to deliver to Post Office Boxes and, most importantly, it’s hurting everyday Australians who can’t get fair value from the PO Box they’re paying for.

We strongly believe that by not allowing other postal companies to deliver to Post Office boxes, Australia Post is abusing its monopoly, reducing competition and hurting consumers.

Please help us put this right by signing our petition to take to the ACCC.

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This petition had 6,918 supporters

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