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Australia Post CEO: Provide Australia's hard-working posties with proper wet weather gear

My name is Anthony Veal, and I’ve been a postie for Australia Post for 27 years. I love my job and being outdoors -- but for the last three winters, it’s been miserable.

Three years ago, Australia Post decided to cut costs and stop providing us with Goretex wet weather gear -- the only thing that keeps us dry when we’re out delivering letters and parcels in the pouring rain.

The jackets we have now leave us soaked to the skin in 30 minutes, and our boots and gloves aren’t any better. We come home at the end of every day cold, wet and miserable. And a couple of weeks ago, I worked on the coldest day Victoria has seen for 17 years.

I know Australia Post has the money to pay for this basic gear -- last year it announced its biggest profits in four years, and the CEO is paid millions every year.

I know that Australians love their posties, so I’m asking for everyone’s help to make sure that Australia Post doesn’t keep forcing us to work with inadequate gear.

Please sign my petition, and tell Australia Post to give posties proper wet weather gear.  

Letter to
CEO Ahmed Fahour
Manager of Human Resources Catherine Walsh
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Australia Post CEO Mr. Ahmed Fahour.

Provide Australia's hard working Posties with proper wet weather gear.

Our wet weather gear does not work. After 20 – 30 minutes of rain, we are soaked through to the skin. Our boots and gloves are not water-proof either. We end up cold, wet and miserable. The current wet weather gear trials have not sourced a better alternative. In the past, there has been decent wet weather gear issued. This is the third winter posties have had this problem. PLEASE please provide us with adequate wet weather gear and boots.



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