Australia needs rent control! Affordable, quality and secure housing for all!

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There is a major crisis of housing affordability. High property prices have meant that an entire generation has been locked out of owning a home. Renting is the new norm for many.

Greedy landlords are taking advantage of this by charging exorbitant rents while refusing to maintain accommodation at a decent standard. Such is the depth of the crisis that homelessness is now on the rise. We have had enough!

Renters Fightback is a new campaign to address out of control housing costs. We want to make housing affordable, of a good quality and secure for all. Our aim is to mobilise renters to demand improved rights and housing conditions.

In addition, we want long-term solutions aimed at addressing housing affordability, especially for young people. Our starting point is that housing should be a basic right, the sector should not be dominated by the rule of profit!

While the Victorian state government is proposing some modest reforms to the Residential Tenancies Act they do not go far enough. We need to fightback against dodgy landlords and tip the balance back in favour of renters.

Renters Fightback is calling for:

-Rent control – Cap private rents at 20% of income to stop landlords charging exorbitant prices. Affordable housing for all! 

-High quality homes – For landlords to be forced to maintain rental properties at a high standard. Decent homes for all! 

-Long-term leases – For the right of residents to demand long-term security of tenure, including infinite leases. Secure housing for all!

-Expand public housing - For the government to build and acquire 500,000 homes Australia-wide for people on low and average incomes. Let’s end the rule of profit. Housing for the 99%!