Australia needs an Animal Abuse Registry for offenders

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Australia's animal cruelty laws are disgraceful and in no way offer justice for so many innocent souls that are abused, tortured or neglected by the hands of humans. This petition is to raise public awareness of these (non punishable offences) and to finally give these animals some justice by naming and shaming the offenders and banning them from ever owning Animals ever again!!

We must be the voice for the voiceless... it takes a village to make actual change so let's all band together and fight for all animals in Australia.

By the community showing their support and rallying together hopefully we can bring about a change for animal welfare.

I have been an Animal advocate for many years and I see countless people get a slap on the wrist or just a fine for animal cruelty.

Their lives matter just as much and it's time to stand up for them and be heard... we have a sex offender registry so why don't we have an Animal abuse registry? Both are abusing the vulnerable and the innocent.