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Support consistent National Police Memorial Process for Australia

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Support national consensus for Police Memorial Process, include broad application of memorial process as reestablished by former NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione, supported by recent precedent ruled by the Ontaria Human Rights Commission, Canada that it is discriminatory to exclude police officers lost to suicide.

Australian Policing needs to progress with modern expectation, breaking stigma “not to discriminate or differentiate the consequences resultant from mental health issues, rather than physical ones” [Andrew Cripps MP, Queensland Member for Hinchinbrook].

On April 21, 2017 the Ontario's Human Rights Commission for it "discriminatory" exclusion of officer's lost to suicide.  Names were ordered to be included within six months, by October 2017.

The family of Toronto Police Sergeant Eddie Adamson, who took his life in 2012, resulting from a failed rescue attempt of a colleague,through vigilance and dedication have proven instrumental in breaking stigma in recognition of mental health issues in contrast to physical health or injury and his family have rigorously pursued Sgt Adamson's now sanctioned inclusion on the Toronto National Police Honours Memorial.

Application has existed within our Australian Defence Forces for a number of years and should a police officer have a heart attack and pass away while mowing a police station yard, they (the officers) are automatically included.  

We together unite and cohesively bring together the many good actions and efforts of people on this matter around Australia and those who have successfully petitioned NSW to see change.

It is now important that we unite and stand for national consensus on implementing carbon copy of NSW across Australia.

Please find on Facebook: Australia Police Memorial: Include officers lost to suicide

13 police officers lost to PTSD related suicide are already included on the National Police Memorial

#OneWallForAll #NationalConsensus

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