Make Type1 Diabetes tests part of a Doctors standard check – young adults & children

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Cameron almost died from undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes....A single finger prick test could have prevented him going into a coma and almost loosing his life...Everyday I read about a child or young adult dying from undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes and  there are many other horror stories similar to Camerons. This should not be happening in our days of modern medicine....  To often Doctors, parents and young adults are missing the symptoms.   A simple blood sugar test should be a routine test when visiting the doctor if you have any of the symptoms for type 1 Diabetes………

We would like to see this test as routine within GP surgeries and clinics as temperature and blood pressure checks are presently. Your signature on this petition really could help save lives and prevent further terrible loss within families. The ideal standard would be for screening of all children and young adults in order to catch this stealthy condition in the early stages. Many parts of the world are seeing the benefit of this screening and are now introducing it, the most recent being North Carolina in the USA. The UK have a petition going at the moment.

This change will save lives! Catch Type 1 Diabetes before the Coma!

This is my sons story and it will haunt me for the rest of my life. 

Cameron was a young and healthy 23 year old FIFO worker. Cam did not live at home and the last time I saw him, I remarked on his rapid weight loss. He dismissed it as the food at camp was awful so he was not eating much. On the 5th of August I had a visit from Cam's flat mate asking if I had heard from Cam as he had been sick and his girlfriend had not been able to contact him since 9pm last night.  I said 'no i had not, but I would be the last to hear as Cam was not a complainer' Later that afternoon I got a call to say Cam was being airlifted to Brisbane.  They did not know what was wrong, just that he had been sick and had taken a turn for the worse..  On the way to the hospital I got a call from the Doctor to say Cam had developed Type 1 Diabetes.  I thought, 'ok we can deal with this'.... Not knowing he was in a Coma and that this was life threatening. He was in diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) coma from undiagnosed Diabetes Type 1. How could this even be possible, how could the doctor had missed this on so many occasions? Isn't there a simple test that could have prevented this getting so bad?  Yes there is - A FINGER PRICK TEST... Why was this not done?

Cam had attended the doctor in the work camp 6 times over 5 days before his collapse. Including twice the day before his collapse, the doctor was treating him for an upper respiratory infection, they gave him steroids and they felt he was getting better and cleared him for work after his last appointment. My son trusted this doctor even though he felt absolutely terrible. He returning to his room around 6pm after visiting the doctor and sometime later that night he collapsed in his bathroom and was not found until 10.30am the next morning.  When he was found he was barely breathing and was in a very bad way, he had no recordable blood pressure and his sugar level was extremely high (note this is the first time they checked it), his body temp was 28. He was airlifted  to Brisbane to an ICU unit. That night we were told he probably would not make it.  His ketones were 7.6 the highest the ICU doctors had ever seen. His ph levels were 6.7. His HbA1c estimated average was 18.9. Glucose 29.1. His Creatine Kinase 362 (range 46 -171) It was extremely scary. The doctors said even if he did make it he could have brain or organ damage. After several harrowing days and bags and bags of fluids and sedation drugs the doctors took him off some of the sedation drugs to do some neurological tests, He did not respond well and we then learnt that he had developed pneumonia and his blood platelets were low, so he was give platelets. It was not a very horrible day.... I had all sorts of thoughts that we would have to make the some very hard decision in the coming days... The next day they changed him to a new sedative that they had not used in ICU before and it was amazing, he was waking up and responsive, he still had the incubation tube in so could not talk, but could nod or shake his head to answer questions. After 10 days in ICU he was able to move to a ward and start learning about diabetes and insulin injections.

If only the doctor had given him a blood sugar test when he presented with flu like symptoms and typical DKA symptoms he would not have gone into a Diabetic Coma and almost died.  We would like to make awareness that flu type symptoms can be Diabetes and the doctors and medics should know this already and should be doing routine blood sugar tests of sick patients with any of these symptoms.  A blood sugar test should be as routine as blood pressure or temperature checks at all doctors visits, especially in children or young adults……… We almost lost our precious son and many other families have had similar experiences as you can read below in their comments.  It makes me cry to read each and everyone of their comments.  We were the lucky ones as many have died from undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes and this should not be happening. 

Please spare a couple of minutes to sign our petition to raise the profile of the need to check for Type 1 Diabetes in anyone presented to a health care professional with unexplained flu-like symptoms or general feeling of being unwell, especially if they have any of the symptoms of  Diabetes. .