To stop cruelty towards animals when they are transported

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It is very important that we stop live animal transportation now! The animals are being cruelly handled and are treated very unfairly. 2.7 million animals are being exported each year from Australia. We need to stop this or at lest reduce the amount of animals that are suffering. Europe used to export as many animals as we do but they have reduced their amount to 55 000. We can see that that it’s possible so why can’t we do it to.

The ships get dirty and muddy and they they suffer in every way from starvation, heat, diseases and getting hurt. Most of the people who work their have no other choice and have to work to earn money. It would be a lot better if we stop these animals suffering all together.

For my PYP exhibition I have have been researching into how the media raises awareness of live animal transportation and I have learnt of how cruelly these animals have been treated. I would be a great help if you signed the petition so we can all work together to protect these animals and stop their suffering.