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Make it a legal requirement to clearly label halal slaughtered and halal certified product

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We call for compulsory, clear labelling of all halal products and ritually slaughtered meats and by- products so that New Zealanders can make informed decisions about the food and products we consume. * The Muslim population in New Zealand as per the 2013 consensus was only 46,149, just over 1% of the population. * Providers of ritually slaughtered meats and other halal products are currently under no obligation to label food as halal. *. EVERY purchase of halal products inadvertently supports Islam's multi million dollar halal industry (eg costs associated with certification). *. New Zealanders are regularly and unknowingly paying significant amounts for Sharia compliant, halal products when Non-halal products would be their preferred option. *. Many halal certified products by their very constitution cannot be classified as halal eg water, yet are halal certified. *. 80% of all New Zealand abattoirs are now Sharia compliant, halal certified so a large proportion of the meat in our supermarkets is now halal yet not labelled accordingly. *. Discrimination on religious grounds is illegal in New Zealand yet the Non-Muslim and predominantly Christian population is being discriminated against through a lack of information to choose according to our own beliefs and values. As a non-Muslim nation we demand that all halal meat and halal products should be clearly labelled by one standard symbol. We suggest an easy to read 'RS' Label be implemented to show Ritual Slaughter and Religious Standard. This way shoppers and consumers can recognise when products and services follow a Religious Standard or when non- food products include byproducts of Ritual Slaughter. Shoppers and consumers deserve a fair choice and should be able to make an informed choice at a glance without time consuming research into what they're buying and what institutions they support (or do not) with their purchases. We ask that a clear concise labelling requirement is introduced on every halal product produced, imported and sold in New Zealand. New Zealand has a clean green reputation and has been at the forefront of great ethical choices in the past such as our 'no nuke policy', being the first country to give women the vote etc. It is a crying shame to see our industry leaders bending over so easily to a minority that at its Sharia core is at the forefront of human rights violations, animal rights infringements and gender inequality. New Zealanders must be able to make informed choices about the religious regimes they may be supporting and to make food choices that do do not contravene their own moral and religious beliefs, therefore ALL religiously slaughtered animals, byproducts and non animal halal certified products MUST be clearly labelled.

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