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BSL does not consider the individual dog, its past actions and behaviour, or even the way the dog has been raised and treated by its owner. Just being of the "wrong" breed is all it takes - the dog is assumed to be guilty until proven innocent!

Every dog has the potential to bite - regardless of breed. It is up to us, as responsible owners, to raise our dogs correctly, so they can become valuable members of our community. Dog owners must be educated on responsible dog ownership, and held responsible for their dogs actions.


•BSL does not improve the safety of the public or prevent dog bites
•BSL ignores the potential victims of non-targeted breeds.
•BSL requires each and every dog to be identified as a breed - something that   even DNA testing has proven impossible to do accurately and objectively.
•BSL makes targeted breeds more desirable to irresponsible and criminal owners.
•BSL does nothing to hold irresponsible dog owners accountable.
•BSL punishes responsible dog owners.

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    The Hon Julia Gillard

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