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Austin Stokes - Special needs child beaten unconscious over a soda can

Austin Stokes, 14 year old, special needs, legally blind child, with cerebal palsy from George Town, Mississippi, was viciously assaulted by Jeffery Blackston, who is a legal adult. (Age not specified, but confirmed that he is over 18) Austin suffered traumatic injuries, such as a swollen eye, a chipped tooth, a split lip, and a concussion.
the senior's side of the story, was that Austin was throwing an empty soda can on top of the cafeteria roof. Loads of other kids were doing it, and he wanted to fit in. Well, as the senior was walking by, the can fell and popped him in the head. Before you know it, the senior's "swag" overtook his senses, and attacked.

The senior's name is Jeffery Blackson. 6'5", 240 pounds. Played in the school's varsity football team, and was in the top 100 ranked in the state. Not to mention that's he's far past 18 years old, technically making him a legal adult. So think about it. An adult twice Austin's size, beating him over an empty soda can. Jeffery was dubbed with a simple assault charge and walks free.

We as HUMANS alike should not sit around and let people committ such violent, unessecary crimes such as this. Jeffery viciously attacked a defenseless disabled child, which is a felony. Please sign this petition for stronger charges to be pressed against him.

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