Justice for Justin Howell

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Texas State undergraduate student Justin Howell was critically injured by APD police officers when attending a protest. The "less-lethal" ammunition fired at him resulted in permanent brain damage and a fractured skull. APD Police Chief Brian Manley said the "victim of this incident" was standing in front of APD headquarters and video recording the protest. The person standing next to him threw a water bottle and then his backpack at the officers, and one of the officers then fired their ammunition toward the two, hitting Howell. The protestors who tried to carry him to receive medical attention were also fired at by officers with "less-lethal" ammunition.

Peaceful protestors around the nation have been met with violence from police officers and have been tear-gassed, maced, and shot at. Just days ago, David McAtee was fatally shot by police officers while attending a protest. 

We demand that APD Police Chief Brian Manley resigns for his lack of leadership and regulation over the actions of his officers and that non-violence and de-escalation tactics are emphasized by the APD, and innocent protesters are not shot at for acting peacefully. We demand that these protestors are treated with dignity, respect, and that tear-gassing and ammunition is not used against them. 

Black Lives Matter. We can't let any more innocent lives be lost to police brutality.