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Austin Mayor and City Council Members: Don't Allow Businesses To Use Austin City Parks Parking Lots

The Austin City Council recently passed a resolution that directs the City staff to draft a new ordinance that would allow businesses to use park parking lots at neighborhood parks, district parks, metropolitan parks, special parks, and urban pocket parks. If this ordinance were approved by the Council, park users throughout the city will have to compete with businesses to use park parking lots designated under this resolution.

The resolution specifically allows businesses located within 1,000 feet of city parks to use park parking lots to meet minimum parking requirements. Businesses would pay for use of the park parking lots by providing "amenities" to parks, and while almost anything could be regarded as an amenity, in fact, these businesses would be gaining parking at taxpayer expense. Over time, city park parking spaces needed for park use could be designated for use by businesses; thereby, limiting public access to those parks.

The City Council is pushing the City Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) to allow one business across the street from Butler Park baseball fields to use a park parking lot to meet minimum parking requirements. Neighborhood families, local baseball leagues, and park visitors will have to compete for access to that park parking lot, if this ordinance is approved.

Mayor Leffingwell, Mayor Pro Tem Cole, and council members Riley, Spelman and Martinez voted for the resolution and have supported increased commercial use of our city parks. Council members Morrison and Tovo voted against the resolution and are fighting to increase funding for city parks.

Please sign this petition and tell the Austin City Council to increase funding for our city parks and stop selling our parkland parking lots.

Mayor Leffingwell                  512-974-2250

Mayor Pro Tem Cole             512-974-2266

Councilmember Spelman      512-974-2256

Councilmember Riley            512-974-2260

Councilmember Martinez      512-974-2264

Councilmember Tovo            512-974-2255

Councilmember Morrison      512-974-2258

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