Save Mr​.​Myers; Protect Austin ISD teachers

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There is a mass inequality in the education system, and it is not what you would expect. Teachers in Austin Independent School District are being forced to risk their safety every day by returning to campus. The other option -  termination. Students in the school district are given the option to return to campus or do 100% online learning. Our teachers however are not given the same privilege. We (the students) believe this puts our teachers and their families at unnecessary risk. Teachers are only allowed to apply for accommodations for themselves, and the district does not take into consideration the teacher’s families.This is incredibly unjust. Many teachers who do not classify as “high risk” themselves live with a high risk individual. Our teachers and their families are NOT expendable, and they should be given the option to return just as students and their families are. 

Most urgently, we need to save Mr. Myers of McCallum High School, who teaches English, EOC classes, and Excalibur (McCallum’s literary magazine). Mr. Myers has not returned to campus and is at risk of being let go in just mere days. He has currently been teaching all of his classes from home using his sick days. This truly shows Mr. Myers’ dedication to his students. He wants to continue teaching us, but he also wants to keep his family safe. He shouldn't have to choose between the two. He is a necessary figure on McCallum’s campus and has shaped the lives of countless students. Mr. Myers is a teacher who genuinely cares about each and every one of his students and shows this everyday. We students need teachers to whom we feel a genuine connection. McCallum would be losing a teacher who students truly value. All of our teachers are teaching solely through Zoom, just as Mr. Myers is doing. Our education is not stunted by his choice to remain at home, nor would our education improve if he returned to campus. So we ask, why force him?

 At McCallum there have been 3 new cases and 93 new exposures for Covid-19. The highest of any school within AISD. There are already more teachers than necessary at McCallum; many teachers sit in an empty classroom all day. Many McCallum teachers have openly expressed to their students that they are scared. The Texas Education Agency and school district won’t listen to their educators, so please sign our petition to encourage them to listen to their students! Our time-sensitive immediate goal is to save Mr. Myer’s job as he is an invaluable teacher. Our long term goal is that the district give teachers the option to chose between virtual and online, regardless of needing medical accommodation and to give individual schools the power to oversee their own teachers on a need-by-need basis. 


Email Texas Education Agency, email the school district, email the superintendent, email your principals, make this a problem that can not be ignored. Our teachers - our heroes - are at risk and we must stand up for them. Show them we value them, that we care about their safety and the safety of their families just as much as we care about our own. Teachers should be given the option to choose between online and campus learning just as students and their families have.